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in example:


List of Events

run it for a Filtered Group: Field = Tag Type // Subfield = Label // Operator = Equals // Value = Marriage - End


Then set the Report Output Columns to your liking - in example include the column type "Prin1 Primary Marker" and/or "Prin2 Primary Marker" into the report output


That gives you a list of all marriages in your project and also outlines whether the individual marriage is primary or not for either P1 or P2.


Not sure whether you're looking for something like this. Of course you could fine tune the filter conditions way more than indicated above in order to limit the number of events.

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Hi Vera,


Not exactly. I wanted to include the flag in the filter. But thanks to your suggestion I have found the solution. I do not know why I did not see it before (probably I was looking for "primary" and not Person / primary)


Thanks again

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