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John MayBee

Journal Report Output.

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I recently upgraded to TMG 8 from TMG 4 because Windows 7, won’t let me load version 4.


I wanted to do an Ancestor Narrative, but couldn't find how to start one from scratch, so I modified a Journal Report to do so. However, after the primary entry, I get sentences like:

Maxine Maybee (30756) (Harvey, #10) witnessed the birth of Maxine Maybee (30756) on 28 Jun 1919 at Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, New York. She witnessed the marriage of Maxine Maybee (30756) and Seymour Ely Johnson Jr. (32677) (see #4) on 2 Aug 1940 at Tuscarora Baptist Church"


They are the primaries, why do I get the witnessed the entries?

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