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  1. I too started with TMG 4 and seldom use the Project Explorer. But in this case the advantage is you can use it to directly change the focus to each person in turn. If you use a report to find the people you have to manually navigate to each person. You can just double-click on a name in the PE and the focus will change to that person. You can then edit the baptism tag and repeat for the next person. My one concern with doing this is as you edit a person they no longer qualify for the filter, and there may be a delay while the filter - recalculates. I've not tested, so I'm not sure if this is an issue or not. If that proves to be an issue, filter for the Flag you have set instead of using the filter I suggested. That way there is no new filter to compute so long as you don't change the flag.
  2. Pat, I'd think a filter on the Project Explorer like: Birth... # of Tags is greater than 0 AND Baptism... # of Tags is greater than 0 END Should give you a all the people with both tags. Then you could go down the list in the PE and change the Roles in the Baptism Tag. May still be a lot of work but it would be an automatic way to get to the right people.
  3. Pat, As Jim says, you are not using the default sentences for these tags, as they do not include references to the parents. Either you have created custom sentences, or these sentences were imported from another program. I think UFT is the only program from which TMG imported sentences - did you import from that program? I any case, if you are satisfied with the mention of parents as you show for the Birth Tag, the solution is to create an alternate custom Tag Type for the Baptism for cases were both appear, or to create alternate Roles in the existing Baptism Tag Type, which do not repeat the redundant information. I'd suggest adding an alternate Role to the existing Baptism Tag Type. You could use this Sentence in the new Role: [P] was baptized <[D]> <[L]>[:CR:] This would of course require that you locate the people this applies to and manually changing each to the new Role. If you are not familiar with adding Roles my Roles Tutorial may help.
  4. TMG 9.5 Install CD

    Yes. Download the installer from any of the several locations where it's available (see topic "Final Installers" in this forum for one) and make your own CD.
  5. GEDCOM 5.5.1 Import - can't in 9.04.0

    See this topic for how to fix this.
  6. Descendancy Narrative report problem

    Charles, In all TMG genealogy reports, both descendants and ancestors, you normally specify just one person -- the starting person. The report then finds all the others depending on the setting you make in Options. If you specify more than one starting person you are asking for a separate report for each one.
  7. Problem during Optimize

    And as a result you have probably deleted the place information from where it was being used. Did you check your Repositories as I suggested before deleting the place data?
  8. Problem during Optimize

    You remove unused records with the File > Maintenance > Optimize command. If they are not removed that means they are used somewhere. I think the only place they can be used other than in Events is in Repositories, but Jim could verify that.
  9. Problem during Optimize

    You can see where a Place entry is used by clicking on that place record, then clicking the Events button on the right. A window with all the Event Tags that Place is used will open. Note that this will not include any Repositories where it is used.
  10. Using a Table format for estate inventories

    If you are using two separate versions for TMG and Second Site, you hide them from each other like this: For the TMG version: [HID:][SS-HID:][:HID] ... TMG only content ... [HID:][:SS-HID][:HID] The [SS-HID:] ... [:SS-HID] codes tell Second Site to ignore what is between them. Nesting them inside TMG's [HID:] ... [:HID] codes keeps TMG from seeing the Second Site codes. For the Second Site Version: [HID:][SS:] ... Second site only content...[:SS][:HID] The [SS:] ... [:SS] codes tell Second Site to ignore the TMG [HID:] ... [:HID] codes, which hide this content from TMG.
  11. Using a Table format for estate inventories

    Leslie, Another alternative for Second Site is to create a table in HTML so it fits well on the web page. If you also use TMG output, you can use one method in TMG and the HTML in Second Site by use of [HID:] ... [:HID] codes and the special Second Site "unhide" codes to control which version gets displayed in which medium.
  12. Narative Report Sentence Structure

    I would do as you have, then add a FamilySection Note tag (for Second Site) and a NarrativeChildren tag (for TMG reports) that explains he was a foster child (or whatever language you like). This will leave him with their own children in the list of children for the parents in narrative output, but correctly note his status. I'd add other tags to him identifying his birth parents and the circumstances. Note that using the foster child relationship tags has no useful effect except when you are looking at him or the parents in TMG. In all other respects you might as well use the standard parent/child tags. You need to create other tags, such as I suggested above, to explain the relationship in any output. Note that my suggestions offer no help in Family Group Sheets for charts, but I never use them so have no suggestions for them. Michael has dealt with adoption on like issues more than I have, so will probably have other suggestions on how to deal with this.
  13. Narative Report Sentence Structure

    It sounds like this is a one-time occurrence. If so, I'd just create local Sentence like: [P], foster son of [FATH] and [MOTH], was born <[D]> <[L]> If you actually encounter it enough you could create a Role for that in Birth Tag Type. If it every occurs in your database when only one parent is entered you could create a Role for that too, with a Sentence like: [P], foster son of <[FATH]><[MOTH]>, was born <[D]> <[L]>
  14. Support to UK Versions of TMG

    You can still buy a license (unlock code) for TMG 9 from Harry Goegebeur. You can download and install the UK edition. See the pinned article in the TMG 9 section of this forum. An unlock code is only valid for the version (full number) of TMG it was issued for, and has no other value. So your v8 code is good if you want to stay with v8, otherwise you need to buy a new one for v9. You can find user-to-user support here and on the TMG list on Rootsweb. This forum is supported financially by Bob Velke, the developer of TMG, and I expect it will continue as long as he does that. The support is provided by users, just as with the TMG List on Rootsweb.
  15. Tag Type list hidden

    You're welcome, Gloria. I don't how understand either, but that issue does appear from time to time.