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  1. Tag Has Disappeared

    Thank you for your reponse! However, even after following your suggestions, the custom tag is still missing. I sent a message today asking if two sessions of TMG could be open at the same time so that I might do some side-by-side editing.
  2. Quite a while ago, I created a tag, OBIT, which has worked fine for years. Recently, however, it has disappeared from all instances, and I cannot create any new ones. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remedy this? Thank you.
  3. Why do I have to reenter my TMG Serial Number everytime there is any kind of software update on my computer? Thank you for your help! Carroll
  4. Styles

    Thank you!!
  5. Styles

    I would like to add the UK Standard Place Style as a selection in TMG. Will someone please tell me what the elements are? Thanks!!
  6. Function Keys

    I am using a wireless Microsoft mouse and keyboard, and TMG does not recognize the Function Keys when depressed. Any ideas!? Thanks!!