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  1. Source Listing Printed

    Jim, Thanks. Your response should provide what I need. Issue RESOLVED. I'm continuing to experiment.
  2. In my Current Project, how can I print a listing of Sources? I would prefer to Sort these Sources by Source #; then, print a listing with headings Abbreviation, Source #, Surety and Cited. Help would be appreciated.
  3. Relation remark

    Thanks all. Everything working great now. However, I must explain that I needed also to leave the "or the spouse ....." box checked to achieve my objective, since #4697 is directly related to my wife rather than to me. Thus, with that box checked, now the Relation> remark for #4697 reads "grandfather of the wife of Henry Wilson Ince (1) b. 07 Jun 1930" which is what I was wanting. Thanks again. Issue resolved.
  4. Relation remark

    Hello Jim, Thanks for your quick response. However, I was not clear enough. When I follow the steps you've recommended, I end up with the Relation> statement at the top of #4697's Person page which reads "same as Alfred J. Pinkerton (4697) b. 8 Nov 1869". However, in my Main Project, that Relation> statement at the top of #4697's Person page reads "grandfather of the wife of Henry Wilson Ince, Jr (1)", which is what I would prefer in the new project. What steps do I need to follow to achieve that? Thanks again.
  5. I am creating a new project, a copy of which I intend to provide to a relative. This new project will include my wife's grandfather and his family and descendants. In my Main project, this person (#4697) and I (#1) have the Relation setup such as, "Relation> grandfather of the wife of Henry Wilson Ince, Jr (1)" remark at the top of his individual entries. How do I repeat the "Relation" remark for #4697 in my new project? Thanks.
  6. Undesirable Reminder

    Thanks so much. Issue RESOLVED.
  7. I am recently having a frequent "Reminder" message. When I click on a previously-created "Residence" record (this record has an "*" indicating it is "primary"), I get a newly-occurring window "Reminder - The place of residence. Use Address instead for a mailing address." This is an undesirable reminder. I can click on the upper corner "X" to close this window; however, the next time I open this "Residence" record, I continue to get the same "Reminder." How do I stop this undesirable "Reminder?" Thanks.
  8. Backup Recovery

    Please close. Issue RESOLVED.
  9. Backup Recovery

    Thanks for your patience, Jim. Stay safe. I tried to be diligent; but, your point is made: check/re-check.
  10. Backup Recovery

    I just completed the suggested "first step." This time when the process asked "Are you sure? (to restore the backup to the current project)", I chose Yes. This time the processing was almost instantaneous and it went back to the unchanged current project. However, the actions, which I want to negate are still present. I will appreciate your further comments/guidance. Thanks. Henry
  11. Hello, Jim Byrum. I have opened my primary project, Ince.pjc. After making some changes, which I want to reject, I choose to restore my backup from yesterday. However, during this process I get the interrupting message "Someone else is using the selected project and it is not possible to restore it". Being the only user of my computer, I don't understand what might be causing this issue. I have opened other projects and (without making any changes), I have successfully recovered their most recent backups. However, attempting the same Restore procedure on the Ince.pjc project fails as stated. I would appreciate your (or other forum user's) comments/guidance. Thanks. Henry Ince tmgince@cfl.rr.com
  12. Problem during Optimize

    This issue is resolved. Thanks to all for your help. Terry, I did find some of the remaining Placename entries do still show nothing (no links) when Events is selected. However, I did find how to delete any not wanted. When I Select that entry; choose Edit, then "blank" the existing entry/entries, choose OK. Then, I get the prompt "You have deleted all of the elements of this place and all links to it will be deleted. OK?" This being what I want, I choose OK and the Place entry is removed/deleted.
  13. Problem during Optimize

    Thanks for that direction, Terry. I have used that to edit these Place records that appear at the beginning -- blank City, State, etc. -- so that all of them show nothing in the "Events" for these records. How do I delete/remove these Place records, since they are no longer used in the project?
  14. Problem during Optimize

    I ran File/Maintenance/Reindex, which completed without error. Then, before running any other "Optimize" analysis, I opened my Master Place List. There I found quite a few entries -- at the beginning -- which had entries containing information without any City, State, Country, etc. data. I have then selected "Edit" on the first entry, which shows how it appears in the Place record. Is there a way to determine the number of this "Place" record or where this Place entry is used, i.e., is there more than one record where this "Place" is used? I suspect that these early Place records, which do not at least have a Country entry should be considered for removal; but, I would want to know where/how often the place is used before doing that. Is there a "minimum" recommended entry which should be used for any Place record, such as "Country?" Thanks for further consideration/guidance.
  15. I am running TMG v9.05 under Windows 10x64. I have recently encountered an error during updating a person record. Therefore, I have run Optimize and encountered the following message: "Index file: 'r:...\my documents\my files\genealogy\projects\tmg version 9\ince\ince_ppv.cdx tag 'Placename' is corrupted. Please rebuild it." 4457 PCMHKSUM. Of course, I must admit that I have no idea where to start in "rebuilding" the "Placename" file. I would appreciate any guidance.