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  1. Source Listing Printed

    Jim, Thanks. Your response should provide what I need. Issue RESOLVED. I'm continuing to experiment.
  2. In my Current Project, how can I print a listing of Sources? I would prefer to Sort these Sources by Source #; then, print a listing with headings Abbreviation, Source #, Surety and Cited. Help would be appreciated.
  3. Relation remark

    Thanks all. Everything working great now. However, I must explain that I needed also to leave the "or the spouse ....." box checked to achieve my objective, since #4697 is directly related to my wife rather than to me. Thus, with that box checked, now the Relation> remark for #4697 reads "grandfather of the wife of Henry Wilson Ince (1) b. 07 Jun 1930" which is what I was wanting. Thanks again. Issue resolved.
  4. I am creating a new project, a copy of which I intend to provide to a relative. This new project will include my wife's grandfather and his family and descendants. In my Main project, this person (#4697) and I (#1) have the Relation setup such as, "Relation> grandfather of the wife of Henry Wilson Ince, Jr (1)" remark at the top of his individual entries. How do I repeat the "Relation" remark for #4697 in my new project? Thanks.
  5. Relation remark

    Hello Jim, Thanks for your quick response. However, I was not clear enough. When I follow the steps you've recommended, I end up with the Relation> statement at the top of #4697's Person page which reads "same as Alfred J. Pinkerton (4697) b. 8 Nov 1869". However, in my Main Project, that Relation> statement at the top of #4697's Person page reads "grandfather of the wife of Henry Wilson Ince, Jr (1)", which is what I would prefer in the new project. What steps do I need to follow to achieve that? Thanks again.
  6. Undesirable Reminder

    Thanks so much. Issue RESOLVED.
  7. I am recently having a frequent "Reminder" message. When I click on a previously-created "Residence" record (this record has an "*" indicating it is "primary"), I get a newly-occurring window "Reminder - The place of residence. Use Address instead for a mailing address." This is an undesirable reminder. I can click on the upper corner "X" to close this window; however, the next time I open this "Residence" record, I continue to get the same "Reminder." How do I stop this undesirable "Reminder?" Thanks.
  8. Backup Recovery

    Please close. Issue RESOLVED.
  9. Hello, Jim Byrum. I have opened my primary project, Ince.pjc. After making some changes, which I want to reject, I choose to restore my backup from yesterday. However, during this process I get the interrupting message "Someone else is using the selected project and it is not possible to restore it". Being the only user of my computer, I don't understand what might be causing this issue. I have opened other projects and (without making any changes), I have successfully recovered their most recent backups. However, attempting the same Restore procedure on the Ince.pjc project fails as stated. I would appreciate your (or other forum user's) comments/guidance. Thanks. Henry Ince tmgince@cfl.rr.com
  10. Backup Recovery

    Thanks for your patience, Jim. Stay safe. I tried to be diligent; but, your point is made: check/re-check.
  11. Backup Recovery

    I just completed the suggested "first step." This time when the process asked "Are you sure? (to restore the backup to the current project)", I chose Yes. This time the processing was almost instantaneous and it went back to the unchanged current project. However, the actions, which I want to negate are still present. I will appreciate your further comments/guidance. Thanks. Henry
  12. I am running TMG v9.05 under Windows 10x64. I have recently encountered an error during updating a person record. Therefore, I have run Optimize and encountered the following message: "Index file: 'r:...\my documents\my files\genealogy\projects\tmg version 9\ince\ince_ppv.cdx tag 'Placename' is corrupted. Please rebuild it." 4457 PCMHKSUM. Of course, I must admit that I have no idea where to start in "rebuilding" the "Placename" file. I would appreciate any guidance.
  13. Problem during Optimize

    This issue is resolved. Thanks to all for your help. Terry, I did find some of the remaining Placename entries do still show nothing (no links) when Events is selected. However, I did find how to delete any not wanted. When I Select that entry; choose Edit, then "blank" the existing entry/entries, choose OK. Then, I get the prompt "You have deleted all of the elements of this place and all links to it will be deleted. OK?" This being what I want, I choose OK and the Place entry is removed/deleted.
  14. Problem during Optimize

    Thanks for that direction, Terry. I have used that to edit these Place records that appear at the beginning -- blank City, State, etc. -- so that all of them show nothing in the "Events" for these records. How do I delete/remove these Place records, since they are no longer used in the project?
  15. Problem during Optimize

    I ran File/Maintenance/Reindex, which completed without error. Then, before running any other "Optimize" analysis, I opened my Master Place List. There I found quite a few entries -- at the beginning -- which had entries containing information without any City, State, Country, etc. data. I have then selected "Edit" on the first entry, which shows how it appears in the Place record. Is there a way to determine the number of this "Place" record or where this Place entry is used, i.e., is there more than one record where this "Place" is used? I suspect that these early Place records, which do not at least have a Country entry should be considered for removal; but, I would want to know where/how often the place is used before doing that. Is there a "minimum" recommended entry which should be used for any Place record, such as "Country?" Thanks for further consideration/guidance.
  16. Missing image during backup

    This issue is resolved. Thanks.
  17. I'm using TMG Ver 9.05 under Windows 10x64. During backup of my current project, I encounter an error message in the log "f:\Henry's Data\My Documents\My Files\genealogy\Other Images\Renee Boyer\Woodward\Anna Smith Bible.jpg". However, this appears to involve an image from my work during a previous session on a different project. I do not have a Drive F:\ attached. How can I determine the source causing this error? Thanks. Henry Ince; tmgince@cfl.rr.com
  18. In my project on my laptop, I have a person (Karen) who has her father defined, but not her mother. So I select Create Person and select the Mother option. This new person (Bonita) is created and the Mother-Bio tag is created in Karen's record; however, Bonita does not appear in Karen's Type window. So, I double-click on the Mother option in the Type window and enter the newly-created ID# for Bonita as requested. This creates a duplicate Mother-Bio entry for Karen, but Bonita still does not show up in Karen's Type window. I acknowledge that I have used this latter procedure on this same project on my desktop and it works as expected, There the layout is identified as Desktop and here I am using a layout defined as Laptop so that the displayed data fits best. I just don't understand why I don't seem to be able to get Bonita to show up as Karen's mother in Karen's Type window. Help.
  19. Well, I just solved my own issue, but thanks for any consideration. I merely selected Mother-Bio as Primary and Bonita immediately showed up as Karen's mother in the Type window as desired.
  20. I have created a Focus Group in my current project and have used that FG to create a new project. Now, in my current project, I have created a new, empty data set and I want to put all the people in the FG into the empty data set. Then, I plan to delete that data set, which I expect will remove the people in the FG from the current project. After verifying the results, I would delete the FG from my current project. My problem is that I am lost in trying to put the FG people into the empty data set. I would appreciate guidance to achieve this.
  21. Managing a data set in TMG 9.05

    Hello Terry, Thanks for the new info. I followed these directions and it worked exactly as you directed. Thanks so much for your guidance and patience.
  22. Managing a data set in TMG 9.05

    Thanks, Michael. I have reviewed Terry's Tips as you suggest (I also have his latest book "A Primer for TMG) and also his "Copying and Moving People Between Data Sets." I finally woke up and found the Add>Copy Persons option and copied all in Focus Group to the empty data set. However, all these people remain in the "current" project (Data Set 1:xxx) as well as in the New Data Set. Further, I did all this before I saw the post from Terry and now I do not find the Edit > Merge Person option. Of course, I'm trying to delete all of the people in the Focus Group from my current project, so I still need help, which will be greatly appreciated from either you or Terry.
  23. Is there a way to create a report which finds within a project all occurrences of a word (i.e., "holocaust") or phrase ("dirt farmer") e.g. in the Memo section or alternatively anywhere in the project and report the ID Number, Last Name, First Name, etc. of the record(s) of the occurrence? If this function is already there, I haven't been able to find it. Would appreciate any suggestions and/or help.
  24. Special Project Report

    Thanks, Jim. I should have known it would be straightforward, simple and right before my eyes.
  25. Restore fails

    Thanks to Jim Byram for all his help and support. I have finally resolved this issue and my TMG backup/restore is now working normally again.