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Backup Recovery

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Hello, Jim Byrum.

I have opened my primary project, Ince.pjc. After making some changes, which I want to reject, I choose to restore my backup from yesterday. However, during this process I get the interrupting message "Someone else is using the selected project and it is not possible to restore it". Being the only user of my computer, I don't understand what might be causing this issue. I have opened other projects and (without making any changes), I have successfully recovered their most recent backups. However, attempting the same Restore procedure on the Ince.pjc project fails as stated. I would appreciate your (or other forum user's) comments/guidance. Thanks.

Henry Ince


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I just completed the suggested "first step." This time when the process asked "Are you sure? (to restore the backup to the current project)", I chose Yes. This time the processing was almost instantaneous and it went back to the unchanged current project. However, the actions, which I want to negate are still present. I will appreciate your further comments/guidance. Thanks.


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It sounds like your backup has the same data that you want to undo.

Make sure that you overwrote the existing project when you did the restore and that you didn't restore to a different location.

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