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Peter Tarkkonen

Web character set issue

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I want to output Journal report in HTML format.


How to change charset from iso-8859-1 to UFT-8?

Can't find a spot in TMG where to do that.


I changed my web hosting service and somehow finnish characters do not show up okey anymore.

(Why did those work before, don't know)


Had same issue with Second Site but got that solved by changing character set to UFT-8.




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I have solved this so if anybody will have same issue, here is one solution.


Problem: TMG does not support changing web-page (html) character set from iso-8859-1 to utf-8. This will cause in Journal reports finnish characters not to show correctly in utf-8 platform (in my case Apache)

- Luckilly my hosting service allows controlling directorry based character set changes.



1. Add ".htaccess" text file to Journal Directory. This will affect currect directory plus sub directories

2. Add line ”AddCharset ISO-8859-1 .htm” to this .htaccess file




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