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  1. expired version

    Hi again, After unlocking as Administrator, I had to unlock again as a user. Now everything seems to work ok. When 1st time prompted to unlock (after using TMG successfully before) I did unlock as Administrator but that was not enough. I had to unlock as user again.
  2. expired version

    Hi Jim, If I do not run as administrator, I get prompted to unlock TMG again. If I run as administrator, I get prompted about "Do I allow this software to make changes...."
  3. expired version

    However, If I change shortcut settings the way that TMG is always run as Administrator, Trial-promt does not show up. Instead at the start get a warming about possible change TMG might do for the PC.
  4. expired version

    Hi, I started to get Unlock message today as well. I installed W10 about a month (might even be exactly 1 month) ago. Did run as Administrator and unlocked TMG ok, but still when opening TMG get same question. Any advice? Peter
  5. Marriage tag

    Thank You John! Good to know. Peter
  6. Marriage tag

    Thank You Jim! List of events works fine with me. This is a quick check report that just added marriages can be checked. I added even a quick button to my toolbar. I did use TMG Utility initially and made changes. However, after adding P1 and P2 to sentences, in my understanding TMG Utility does not change P1/P2 anymore. for data validity reasons. Peter
  7. Marriage tag

    I use sex sensitive marriage tag sentence ie. P1 is always a male and P2 is always female. However, when marriage tag is added, P1/P2 can be mixed and by misstake I might forget to check it. Is there a possibility to make a Project Explorer list of Marriage tags where P1 is female? I could not figure out how but maybe someone has an idea. This could be tested with TMG Utility but refer doing it in TMG. Peter
  8. Marriage sentence

    Thank you Terry! Actually did it as you said. Also included witness sentence ie. "Her/his widow xx and yy married ...." Pagelink was for other use ie. when there is a story written, would be great to link people mentioned directly to their SS page. Peter PS. Have few people married 5 times and would be great to cross reference all them in each others text. Have not done that yet )
  9. Last edited date

    Is it possible to get last edited date updated for a WITNESS added to a tag (like death tag)? If not, please add to wish list This could be a parameter in a tag settings and even per role Peter
  10. Sentence dates; [Y]

    Vera, not a big thing, mainly visual. I have added a sentence to a deceased person if his/her spouse remarried ie. "Widow of hers/his remarried with Mr/Mrs Smith in New York 2014". I believe it looks better than "Widow ..... in New York on 24.7.2014". But because for marriages which happened 1600-1700 I have many wedding dates with "say" or "circa". So if I would use [Y] "say 1665" would change to "1665" and that cant happen. Now I will use [D] but as mentioned would prefer [Y] Peter
  11. Sentence dates; [Y]

    Sentence variable [Y] is returning the year of the date. Year is also retuned in a case if date has circa, say etc., however the year [Y] returns does not anymore have circa, say etc. with it. If this is a purpose, there surely is a reason for it. I wish to see circa, say etc. returned as well Peter
  12. Marriage sentence

    Mike! Thank you very much for this help. Key element was sex based sentences. I was not aware (or remembering) of that. Now I have additional info at the wedding sentence refering back to if new spouse is a widow and to who he/she was married to. They can also be both widows and correct sentence show up in each one of their timeline. As extra to this, also deceased person has a extra sentence refering to widows new wife/huspand. That is a person link so reader can jump right to widows new spouse. I use both Journals but mainly SecondSite. I publish all in the net. SecondSite pages are very popular and get 3.000-4.000 visitors monthly. Nice to service them and give more info. In SS site I use 1 person per page format and all text gives more "meat" to the page. And people do not get confused about extra links because all is relative to main person on that page. Once again Thank You Mike for your help! Peter
  13. Marriage sentence

    One more tought/question Mike. If in wedding tag P1 and P2 always would be in certain sex order ie. like P1 always male and P2 always female (would work as long as Partners are not spoken about), also witness sentence could be done very nicely. In end of witness, after death, could read something "His/her widow XXX was later married....". This could be based on witness sex sentences. In my understanding this would work beautifully, but only of P1 and P2 sex is "fixed". And if I could recall right with TMG Utility rearrangement of P1 and P2 could be done. Can't check until TMG Utility is compatible with 9.03 Peter
  14. Marriage sentence

    Wonderful Mike! Need to test that Peter
  15. Marriage sentence

    Very much so Mike. Of cause even better would be wysiwyg like Family story would be written like "At early 2000 family of Mike Hannah lived in Los Ranchos.......". Now link "Mike Hannah" will take one to "Mike Hannah's" data. Especially when using SecondSite as well that would be a great feature. Peter