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Roy Sprunger

Renumbering Person ID

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I started with one main project in 1999 and added to it over the years. I have also received two 'Family Tree Maker' backup databases, one GEDCOM file, one 'The Family Edge' database exported/imported as GEDCOM and several printed reports that had to be keyed in. The databases require much cleanup before merging and I have kept them in standalone projects.

Now, I have chosen to segregate several family branches from my main project into discreet projects after weighing the pros/cons of using data sets within the same project.

Having the storage space to do so, I simply copied my main database to multiple project folders and began pruning away the data I do not want associated with that branch.


How do I force a renumbering of the Person ID making the progenitor #1, wife #2, first child #3, etc.?

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ID numbers in TMG are not intended to have any meaning, and there no automatic means to create numbering such as you describe. The only way to do that is manually, one person at a time, using the Tools > Renumber People command. You would of course have to move anyone who already has a number you want to use to a different number before it can be reassigned.


One of the issues with such a system is there can be many people who will not logically fit into a system as you describe, such as spouses of descendants, ancestors of spouses, siblings of spouses, other spouses of spouses, children of spouses by other spouses, and unrelated people, to mention the most obvious examples.


In my view it is best to leave the ID#s alone, except perhaps for a few key people whose ID#s you might want to remember.

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Roy -


I am a bit concerned about your method of creating a new project - making multiple copies of your master project and pruning each of them to the people you wish to retain in each project, rather than using the List of People Secondary Output. Perhaps someone with more experience here would comment on the pros and cons of your method and any possible pitfalls.. I do see why you would wish to renumber the people in those projects because otherwise they would appear to be a rather disorderly hodgepodge, retaining their ID's from the original project.



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