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Kim & Kelly Derrick

Can you please provide a way to make the tag entry screens bigger?

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I am having some vision problems and I'm having a really hard time seeing the text on the tag entry screens, especially when I'm entering new people. I know how to make the Detail, Family and Tree text bigger, but nothing seems to make the tag screens bigger when you are entering new data. It would help me immensely if you could tie the text size I have assigned to the Detail, Family and Tree to the tag entry screens, especially when I'm entering a new person. I tried using Windows Display Magnifier, but that was very frustrating!

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I also have vision problems and have tested font size quite a bit. In my testing I can find no settings which affect the date and location fields in the Tag Entry screen, if these are your concern. I have modified the Windows screen font size settings, and only this seems to affect that text. However, if you set the Windows font size "too" big, that can lead to some other issues with truncation of the viewing of text.

There are four different places in TMG Preferences for setting font size. Each affects the following parts of TMG:

Data Entry, can set Minimum memo font size and Maximum memo font size
- Affects memo field only, and the expanded memo window

Lists, can set Minimum font size and Maximum font size
- Affects all lists which include: Details Window (Personal View only), Children Window, Sibling Window, Associates Window, Flag Window, Master Source List, Master Repository List, Master Place List, Master Event List, Master Tag Type List, Master Style List, Source Type List, Source Elements List; and in the Tag Entry Window: Witness list and Citation List

Project Explorer, can set Font Size
- Affects: Project Explorer, Expanded Pick List, Focus Group, and Preference List

Other, can set Family View font size which affects Family View Window; Tree View font size which affects Tree View Window; and Prompts/Warnings font size which affects Prompt/warning popup message boxes

Hope this helps,

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Have you tried adjusting the text size globally using the Windows Screen Resolution?


Rightclick on the Windows screen and select Screen Resolution. There is an option on that screen to 'Make text and other items larger or smaller. The choices are smaller, medium, and larger. There is also an option on the left side to 'Set custom text size (DPI)'. That gives you a sliding scale, so you can try something like 115%, for example.

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Thank you Michael & Virginia. I had already tried all of Michael's suggestions. Unfortunately they don't affect the tag entry screens. Virgina's did affect the tag entry screens!


I am detailing what I did, hoping it would be helpful to others. I had to do some experimenting with "Change the Size of All Items" and "Change only the Text Size". I had the "Change the Size of All items" set on "Medium 125%" before. Changing that to "Larger 150%" made things too big, causing lots of problems. Then I clicked on "Custom sizing options". It has a small window ("Scale to this percentage of normal size") where you can enter any number you wish. There is a drop down with some standard settings. I chose to enter my own values. Then I discovered an quirk of Windows 8. Notice, at the bottom of the "Custom sizing options window, there is a "Use Windows XP style scaling" tick box. Unticking that box made a huge difference! If you choose one of the standard (smaller 100$, medium 125%, larger 150$) radio buttons on the "Change the Size of All items" window, that box is automatically ticked. The same holds true if you enter 100%, 125% or 150% in the "Scale" window. I ended up using 123%, and NOT using XP scaling. This actually made the text on the TMG tag entry screens LARGER than the Medium 125% with XP scaling! Go figure! Anyway, I hope this helps someone else. And thanks to Michael and Virginia!

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