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Error message when trying to add name variations TMG 8.07

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I have TMG 8.07 and 64 bit Windows 7 installed and I get an error message if I try to add a new name tag. TMG locks up if I press abort, but proceeds to the name tag dialogue box if I click on ignore and then the the name can be added. Strangely, I do not get an error message if I use control V to add a name variation, but then I cant change the tag type without getting an error. If I try to change the tag type I get a second error message after ignoring the first. Does anyone know how to fix this?


I dont seem to be able to add images so this is a link to the first error:



And the Second error message



Appologies for typos in title, shame it can't be edited

Edited by Vera Nagel

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Simon -


You may want to update to v8.08 (or try the trial version of v9, out today) to see if the problem persists. Note, if you use Dropbox, that you risk data corruption if project files are synced as you work. Backups can be stored on Dropbox.



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