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I have attempted to export to gedcom 11 times now and every file size is different. The largest gedcom I exported contained less than half of the people in my database.


I usually upload an updated gedcom to my iPhone about every 2 months, but with V9, I keep getting the message that the file is not complete.


Any suggestions?




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there is another interfering program on your computer. It will not be easy to find out. It might be some programs replacing the standard Windows trashbin, file content indexers, cloud synchronizing etc. There are several threads in the TMG V8 forum dealing with this problem.

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I have never had to close my anti-virus program to export a gedcom, but I tried that after reading these replies. All programs were closed that I know of. I've run scans to look for viruses and get a clean report. I don't know what "exclude the temporary directory (%TEMP%) from indexing trashbin programs" means -Sorry.


I still can't get a full gedcom. I may have to go back to v8 if I can even do that now. I don't know what else to do.

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Sorry to hear of your problems, Marlene. But I would not bother returning to V8, as I am pretty sure that V8 and V9 will behave the same. I am confident that neither TMG itself nor a particular TMG version is the problem.


In every case so far for all other users the cause of this problem always has been one of two issues:

- there is another program on your computer interfering with the file being created, or

- the file is being saved to a folder which on an external device (e.g. thumb drive) and not your main hard drive, and the program controlling that external device is interfering.


One thing I would suggest you try, create a new folder somewhere unrelated to your normal work. Maybe create that new folder at the root of your main hard drive (e.g. C:\gedfiles). Now instruct the TMG GEDCOM export to create the export file within that new folder. Hopefully whatever the interfering program is will not know about that new folder and thus not interfere.


Hope this helps,

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