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John Weidner

TMG in other operating systems

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This is a question for Bob Velke or any others who can answer.


Will TMG 9 work in the Unbuntu or Linux operating systems?


As many know, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for XP in the very near future.


I'm not in a financial position to buy a newer computer at this time.


Advice is appreciated.

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Yes, all versions of TMG from 7 onwards will install and run perfectly in Linux. I use LinuxMint13 which is based on Ubuntu.


Look for the instructions here:


You will see a note that I added regarding TMG9 which installs in the same way as TMG8 by extracting an .msi file. To run the full version you must purchase a serial number from whollygenes just as you would in Windows.


I have been using TMG7 natively in Linux wine for years and love TMG. I am sad that MS stopped supporting Visual FoxPro years ago and that this means there will not be a UTF-8 version unless TMG is completely rewritten, I think. It works perfectly in Linux once you get to grips with how to confgure wine which will appear very mysterious to start with!



There is an easier way which Linux purists, like me, like less, but which works very well. You can easily install your version of WinXp in VirtualBox in any Linux installation and run TMG just like windows in it. This is much easier than the above instructions for running TMG natively in Linux. As long as you get an activation code from Microsoft when you first install WinXP you can keep going as long as TMG supports WinXP. We hear that MS support for WinXP will cease in 2015 (http://liliputing.com/2014/01/windows-xp-support-dies-in-april-no-more-security-updates.html). However, running WinXP in an emulator such as VirtualBox which is free has many security features available and I do not think you need worry too much about not getting updates from MS. For example, you can take a snapshot of your virtual machine setup when you first install it and should WinXP become infected with a virus or innoperable for any reason, you just revert to the original shapshot and start from there unaffected. Backups of data are essential, because any changes to data in the virtual machine will be lost. TMG has a good backup system and if these are made daily and kept in a secure place, not on your computer, it is easy to restore these in seconds in TMG, so minimal data will get lost.

There is one big advantage to running TMG in a virtual WinXP machine like this, compared to native linux. That is that all MS Windows companion products like John Cardinal's SecondSite, TMG, GenSmarts and many more will, in my experience, run perfectly and integrate with TMG just as you expect in native WinXP. Getting all these programs to run natively in Linux wine can be difficult and you need to know quite a lot about wine to solve some of the issues that arise. Futher, there are minimal or no issues getting TMG and these other programs to run just the way you like them with your usual look and feel.


If you set up LinuxMint from a live DVD, you will have the option to install it alongside in another partition and be able to access all your data on the WinXP partition. Thus, you will be able to restore from a backup of TMG data so that you start where you left off on the native WinXP. However, read the documentation on how to do this. I take no responsibility for what might happen, because it used to be easy to set up Linux partitions in the early days of WinXP, I understand that there are more complex issues if you are using later versions such as Vista and 7/8. Keep backups of all your data. I have used Acronis True Image for backing up and restoring WinXP NTFS partitions over the years with minimal trouble. However, I have no experience their latest products which probably behave differently.


I hope all this helps.

All the best, Ian

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I have written two scripts using PlayOnLinux which will install TMG9 and SecondSite (including TMGUtility) in separate wine bottles.



Please use these with care and check that they do what you wish. You will be able to use trial versions of the software for a period but purchase a licence to support these great programs.


If you would like scripts written for any other related programs, I could have a go at this if you give me suggestions.

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at last, I got it installed.


- extract tmg9setup.inf and disk1.cab from tmg9setup.exe (still in Windows)

- using POL in Linux let the script install the prequisites (.dll etc.) and let it abort afterwards

- using POL install TMG from tmg9setup.inf

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