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The project I am having trouble with is big -- 1 GB. I need a report that shows my direct line for two 2nd great-grandparents. The Ancestor Box report gets as far as opening the Visual ChartForm, but then I get the error message: VCF has stopped working and the only choice is to close the program. I did set it to Save to:, not View in VCF.


When I run the Compressed Pedigree, it calculates the number of people, generates the text, but then the blue circle is there for at least 2.5 hours. I gave up then. One of the CPed reports says it's calculated 5286 grandparents, 27 generations, the other is 6207 & 25.


I have feeling you're going to tell me the reports are just too big. I suppose I need a mainframe to produce these reports, not a PC. I thought I'd ask the question just in case there's something else I can do. We've got a family reunion in July and we'd really like to show what we've got.

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