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Help: confusion concerning location of default project folders

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At installation, TMG Version 9 created and placed my default project folder at C:\Users\Robert\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Projects\. I do not remember being given an option for location of the folders during installation. However, I didn’t wish the folders to be at this location so I deleted them. Then, in TMG’s options window I inserted the value “C:\Users\Robert\Copy\The Master Genealogist v9\Projects\” after File/Preferences/Options/Program Options/General/Default Project PATH:


Problem: From time to time—I don’t know the conditions that cause it—TMG creates a new set of project folders at C:\Users\Robert\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\. TMG also changes my entry at Options/Program Options/General/Default Project PATH: to point to these folders (as it did during installation).


From TMG, I can of course and do, open my projects at the location where they are really stored. Question: Can’t I store my project files where I wish to have them and have TMG know they are there—at all times.


Bob Fleck

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Read the 'Data File Storage' topic in Help and the three subtopics. Then come back and ask questions if necessary.


TMG will always create folders in the three default data storage locations. The default locations can be changed using a Data_paths.txt file.


You can change the projects and user folder locations in Preferences but those changes do not change the program's default locations and the default locations will still be created and used for some files such as the logs.

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