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Segmmented elastic connecting lines in Visual Chartform

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While experimenting today, I found what I believe to be is an undocumented feature.


There are 6 types of elastic lines that you can select to join between 2 conection ports on boxes (and also to intermediate connection ports). When the object at the end point of a line is moved then the joining segment adjusts accordingly.


There are 2 forms of line

orthogonal - segments always horizontal or vertical

oblique - segments not constrained


There are 3 annotations for the end points of the lines

nothing - just the line is shown

arrowhead at one end

arrowhead at both ends


This gives the 6 types.


I discovered today that for the oblique line types

at each intermediate location where you click the mouse becomes a way-point.


Thus you can easily contruct an elastic multi-segmented path bewtween 2 locations on a chart (e.g. linking married cosins on a chart).


The intermediate points :

- are saved correctly in a .VC2 file and are redrawn as expected on re-opening

- may be edited by selecting the line and then "Edit Vertices" icon on the tool bar. That is, this line acts like other multi-segmented lines or shapes for editing.


This will certainly make manual annotation of charts much easier to perform.


The orthogonal line types are do survive the save-then re-open test but in the prosess loosing some of their properties in that saving or redrawing process.



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