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Dan Stone

Unexpected changes to roles upgrading from v8 to v9.02

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I've read about the changes to roles between v8 and v9.02, but there are still a couple things that have caught me offguard. Perhaps I've missed the explanation for what I'm experiencing, or perhaps I'm simply misunderstanding something I've read. I'm hoping someone here may have additional information.


In v8.08, I have lots of residence tags utilizing the default sentence. I have not utilized any rolenames, and the sentence only uses the "people" position variables [P] and [PO]. Upon restoring my project in v9.02, regardless of whether I choose to run the project update or skip the project update, once the project has been restored in v9.02 the role of Principal has been changed to the role of Housemate and the sentence is [W] was <[P1S]|[P1] and [P2S]> housemate <[D]> <[L]>. This sentence produces the very awkward output of, for example, "John Doe was John Doe's housemate in 1880 in Fremont Township, Clarke County, Iowa."


As another example of something that is quite off, when looking at marriage tags of people after the restore operation of my project in v9.02, both Principals have been changed to the role of Bride.


I had been under the impression that if I choose to skip the project update, such changes would not occur. Am I misunderstanding, or doing something incorrect? If this is the correct behavior, is there an easy way to change the Housemate role for the Principal(s) in the residence tag back to Principal, or correct the male in a marriage to be Groom rather than Bride?


I've also noticed something different in v9.02 in that the Details pane is showing many tags for people that start with "00003;" in the Name/Place field. I haven't found anything yet which explains what this is supposed to be signifying.


Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,



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Does running Validate File Integrity help?


None of those changes should have happened nor do they have anything to do with the v9.02 role update.


Please send me your v8.08 project so that the update can be tested. Provide some specific examples of each of the above problems.


You can contact me by email by clicking the link below.

Jim Byram


If possible, the backup should include only the project files, accents and filters.


If the backup is too large to email, you can upload it to the Wholly Genes server using Help / Message Manager / Outgoing tab. Let me know the name of the uploaded file so that I can retrieve it.

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Thank you, Jim. Your help is greatly appreciated. I just sent the backup file to you via email, along with further details, and I will wait to find out what you discover.

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