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Sherry King

TMG v9.03 keeps requiring me to unlock my software

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I have TMG v9.03 and I frequently am asked to unlock by version of software as my trial version has expired. I have unlocked this software at least 6 to 10 times. What flag do I need to change so the software remembers my unlock code?


Thank you

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Sherry -


Rightclick the TMG icon on your desktop and Run as Administrator one time - entering your registration number. You do not need to run as administrator after that.



I am Running Windows 8.1 x64 and TMG 9.03.


Every since I have installed TMG 9.03 (2 days ago); 1) if I just click on the icon to go to it asks me to unlock every time, 2) I did right click on the icon, "Ran as administrator" and unlocked. This allowed be to modify my project 3) But the next time I just clicked on the icon It asks me to 'UNLOCK" every time after that. 4) to able to update anything on my project II must do what I did is "2)" above every time.


Thus: for me the solution did not work.

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