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Conjunctions in Sentence Structure

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I would like to change the conjunctions that are "built-in" in the sentence structure in the Descendancy Narrative - examples: John Cook was born in Pickens Co, not at Pickens Co

He was listed in the census report of Polk Co, AR with parents in 1880 not was listed as a resident in the census report at Polk Co, AR (remove the "resident" and change the "at" to "of")


I would like to do this for the whole (globally) of the terminology of my principal entries prior to printing, not individually or in editing the narratives, but get cold feet when it comes to dinking with tags. I'm currently using version 7 but have version 9 to install and would like to get version 7 info corrected before installing version 9.


Any help is appreciated.




Jo Dean

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Jo Dean,


The in/at issue is an option for each report, on the Places tab of report Options. You can choose "at" "in" or nothing.


Changing text in the census tag output requires modifying the Sentence. You can go that globally by editing the census Tag Type from the Master Tag Type List. It's a simple change that you can easily do. The "Customizing Tags" article on my website describes this, but probably provides too much information. It's no doubt simpler to just follow your nose and do it. :)

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