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Ver 7 will create forms

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My TMG 7.03 (running on Windows 7, 64) bit will not generate forms (other than ASCII). I get "WordPort Spawn Error"... then "Conversion Error #20".


I have tried uninstall, then reinstall but that does not help.


What is odd is that after an uninstall and reinstall the serial # does not need to be put in, it is there already.


I "cleaned" my registry after uninstall and before install with no help.


I hope that TMG 7 will work on Windows 7.


Any ideas?




Rod Miller

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TMG 7 will not create reports to a word processor on a 64-bit system. That was the reason for total re-write of the report system in TMG8.


Other than having a copy of TMG on a 32-bit system for reports, there are some workarounds that others may be able to suggest that can help, but I don't recall them as I never found them satisfactory and didn't use them.

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The installer for TMG 9 is available on this website in the "Update Center" - see Resources in the first section.


However the only place I know where serial numbers are available is from Harry Goegebeur, a former beta tester and dealer in Belgium. His email address is: Harry.Goegebeur@genea.be

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