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Someone else in using the project

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Please help. I’m in a bit of a pickle.
Here’s what I did today.
1) Backed up project.
2) Validated integrity of project – no problems found.
3) Re-optimised project. Lots of errors, files not found, things missing etc.
4) TMG went away.
5) Restarted TMG but it couldn’t open the project.
6) Attempted to restore backup but I got the message that someone else is using the project.
7) Rebooted and repeated step 6
8) Created a new blank project and repeated step 6.
9) Rebooted and repeated step 6 with a much older backup – same result.
10) Tried to open TMG Utility with this result
Error -1 from [CTMGDB.VerifyIndexFiles]
Index files are missing (see below); open the dataset in TMG to build the index files, then close TMG and try again.
Index file(s) missing:
But I can't open the dataset to rebuild the index files. I have lots of backups but TMG won’t restore any of them. Please help.
I’m using Gold UK edition v. 8.08.000 on Windows 7.
TIA, Irene


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Well, I'm not sure exactly what happened but I fixed the problem by using a backup of the entire projects path. I opened a 2 year old version of my project which was in a previous incarnation of version 8. I chose to do this away from the default TMG path. This project opened up with no problems. I applied my latest backup from this morning and it worked just fine. I moved all of these files back to the original folder and opened the project from there.


All is well again, I think.

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