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Two linked problems exist. First the relationship display shows the relationship of my 10th great grandmother as the wife of my 10th great grandfather. It should be my 10th great grandmother. Their son is linked to both parents as their son. A marriage for his parents is there also.


Second, when I click on the relation tag for the wife and ask for the calculator to show the relationship, it list her as both my 10th and 11th great grandmother. The correct relationship is my 10th great grandmother.


Is there any way to correct this problem?

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Hi Nancy,


I assume that you are referring to the automatic "Relation" tag in the Tag Details area of a person's display. The most common cause of problems with the display of that tag is that it has not been refreshed/updated. It is NOT automatically modified and updated as you add people and change relationships. That would slow the program down considerably. After doing some data entry, especially if the new data will change relationships, you need to update the 'Relation' tag display. There are three ways to do that:

  • Go to Preferences // Current Project Options // Other and click on the "Refresh relationships" button in that window.
  • RIGHT-click anywhere in the tag Details area and select the 'Automatic "Relation" tag' menu item to turn off the automatic relation tag. Now RIGHT-click again and select that menu item to recalculate the relationships and turn it back on.
  • Add to your custom toolbar (you do use one, right? :D) the "Related" button. Clicking that will first turn off the automatic relation tag, then clicking it again will recalculate the relationships and turn it back on

Hope this give you ideas.

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