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TMG Gold Version 7.04 WordPort Spawn Error

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When I attempt to create a report, I receive "WordPort Spawn error" followed by "conversion error #20 unknown error contact tech support"


Help Please


Thanks for any help anyone can provide.



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Thank you to all who offered assistance, especially recommending information already available on this site.


I have to admit I did not understand what I was supposed to do but fumbled on believing.


And apparently it worked, so far.


Life is again good.


Next...I would like opinions on upgrading to TMG 9 or switching to different genealogy program. If so, which one?.


Again thank you.


Mary D.

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I am continuing to use TMG because I can't find another program that has some of the features I use heavily. I think upgrading to TMG 9 while you still can is a good idea. There are a number of useful features, and I suspect (without clear knowledge) that your chances of using the TMG import features of another program should you decide to do that will be more successful from the current version.


There is currently no other program that offers all the features of TMG. How important that may be for you depends on which features of TMG you use and find important.


I would suggest you look at my article The Future for TMG Users for some suggestions, including sources for TMG 9 and links to the TMG Refugees list where you may learn more about converting to other programs.

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