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Formatting errors in Custom Journal Report

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Hello All I hope someone else has experienced or knows what the following problem with the Journal Report Decsendants Custom Report with the option of

Master Documents File(s) One File Per Generation


First Generation prints out ok similar to the example This hasn't formatted well in this window


The eight children of Henry Halton (398)and Peggy Margaret Pilkington (397)were as follows:

+ 2. i. William Halton (399)was born circa 1802 in Scarisbrick, Lancashire. William Halton (399)married his widowed sister-in-law Margaret Halton (458)on 7 May 1837 at the Church of St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire. William Halton (399)died aged 86 years, on 27 December 1888 at Narrow Moss, Lancashire, England. He was buried on Saturday 29 December 1888 in the graveyard of the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Lancashire.

Second and all other Generations look like this


the + 10. i has been pushed inline into the body of the textwhen it should be offset to the left


The four children of William Halton (399)and Margaret Kennion (458)were as follows:

+ 10. i. Margaret Halton (461) was born in 1838 in Scarisbrick, Lancashire. Margaret Halton (461) married Robert Sumner (6838), son of Robert Sumner (6839) and Mary Ackers (6842), on 7 October 1858 at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Ormskirk, Lancashire.

Is there anyone who has experienced this problem when out putting to a Master file one file per generation .

Many thanks Michael

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