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Sue B.

Can I globally change path on all exhibits?

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I am moving to Windows 10 from my old XP machine. I have thousands of external exhibit files. I see how to change the path to tell TMG to put future exhibits in an appropriate default folder, but I can't find a way to change the path of all my OLD external exhibits to reflect the new file structure of Windows 10.


My old path was C:/Documents and Settings/Sue/Genealogy in TMG


The Windows 10 machines' path is C:\Users\sdbea\Documents\Genealogy in TMG


So is there a way to go into TMG and globally change the path from the XP path to the Win 10 path? Or do I have to manually search for each exhibit & acquire it anew?




Sue Beach

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Run Maintenance / Validate File Integrity and use the external exhibits option to update the paths.


btw... The option won't update the paths of the current paths if the old paths are still valid. You need to move the exhibit files to the new location or copy the exhibit files to the new location and rename the old exhibits folder so that the old paths are no longer valid.

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