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Hi Paul,

(1) Make your default printer a PDF pseudo printer.

(2) Reboot your computer

(3) Open Visual Chart Form with default blank chart

(4) File > Printer and check that the selected printer is the PDF one

(5) Tools > Diagram > Diagram Measurements and increase the size of the canvas to match or exceed the final combined chart size

(6) Save this chart under a new filename (say PDF-CHART)

(7) In VCF File > Open your first small chart and use CTRL+A then Tools > Structure > Group to make the whole chart one object

(8) In VCF , click the grouped chart, thenCTRL+C to copy the chart to the clipboard

(9) In VCF File > Open PDF-CHART, at the top left of where you want the first chart to be roughly located click the mouse

(10) that chart should be now visible

(11) repeat for other charts making sure that you place each appropriately (it is wise to save save temporary copies of the PDF-CHART)

(12) when you are happy that the individual charts are the right place, you an Ungroup them and edit them

(13) finally in File > Print look at the PDF Custom Page size and adjust it to a suitable size then close this File >  Print

(14) reopen File  . Print check that your settings have taken and then click PRINT

I hope that is sufficient to solve your problem



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PS - keep a blank copy of PDF_CHART file for later use as a starter for this procedure again. 

You can now reset your default printer to your normal printer.


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I'm not sure what outcome yo'ure after.   Is it to print all charts on the one page, or combine them into a single file with multiple pages?

A way of achieving either is to cut and paste each chart into a Word document.  You can then arrange them either as multiple graphics on a single page, or each on its own page.

Hope this helps

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