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Open 64 bit backup in 32 bit pc

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Desktop:  Windows 8.1, TMG 9.5, 64 bit machine

Laptop:  Windows XP, TMG 9.5, 32 bit machine

Can I take a backup file created on the 64 bit machine and open it in the 32 bit machine?

Many thanks for your help.

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You're concerned about the differences in the Windows user account path settings.

I would restrict the backup to a Project Backup (project files, exhibits, accents and filters) only. I encourage managing exhibits outside of TMG and not including them in the backups, particularly since most exhibits don't change and it makes no since to restore those every time you move the project between machines. 

If the TMG data paths on the two computers differ, you need to open Preferences and make any change necessary to the specific project backup path. (The other project paths should adjust automatically.) 

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