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Problem with installation

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My version of TMG - 9.04 appears to have been corrupted. So I downloaded 9.05 (figuring I might as well update at the same time) and tried to install it. I get a pop up saying something like (error opening installation log file. Verify...)

Terry Reigel (from whom I got the 9.05 installer) said to post here as Jim Byram and other experts live here and may be able to help. 
should I just uninstall 9.04 and then try to install 9.05?

thanx for any suggestions and help. 

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Funny. Updating six years after the release of v9.05.:D

Uninstalling and installing the new version is a good idea. There or may not be a problem uninstalling v9.04.

From my last post...

Uninstall v9.04 (this won't affect your data) and run the v9.05 installer as administrator and reinstall and see if that fixes it.

(Note that the TMG installer is always run as administrator but, sometimes, it is necessary to explicitly select to run it as administrator. You do this by right-clicking on the installer and selecting 'Run as administrator'.)


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