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What is TList7?

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TList7.ocx is installed on my system and I get no such error. The control is dated 8 Dec 2004 so such an error might not be entirely unexpected.


TList brings the maximum in flexibility and power to developers looking for a reliable grid, listview or treeview component for structured data presentation and data entry.

TList is great for: manufacturing pick lists, checkbook registers, idea organizers, concept development, customer lists, reporting and the list goes on."


There is a version 4 days newer than the one used by TMG.

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Now today I am receiving an error, I have not done anything other than try to open my file... My file would not open. I said ok to the error and closed the opening screen, TMG started a "one time validation" on the file... several screen of validation started running...


Then I received this message:


I selected "Yes" and then my file opened and started the screen with the Layout all messed up. I am backing it up to see what is coming next... What is going on?

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