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Barbara Grempler

How can I maintain memo paragraphs in reports?

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How can I maintain paragraphs in reports?

Applies to: TMG


Answer: When large amounts of text are entered in a Memo field, the user may enter it as paragraphs or tables. Often when reports are generated, the text is all printed together or otherwise not formatted as desired. Usually this is after entering the text with carriage returns and tabs. The Report Writer will best know to retain such formatting when the appropriate codes are used. For example, add two carriage return codes "[:CR:][:CR:]" to the text when you want a paragraph. If you want the new paragraph indented, add a tab code "[:TAB:]" following the two carriage return variables, e.g., "[:CR:][:CR:][:TAB:]". If you are using tabs to format text in a small table, use the tab code "[:TAB:]" in place of the tab key.


Other keywords: Embedded Format Codes

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