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What should I know about importing from Ultimate Family Tree?

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What should I know about importing from Ultimate Family Tree?

Applies to: All products


Answer: You can import either a project (*.PRO) or backup file (*.SQZ) directly from Ultimate Family Tree (UFT) or its predecessors. In particular, it will preserve the ID numbers, custom event types, alias and other name types, person flags, multimedia elements (including OLE objects), sources, repositories, evidence, proofs, sure levels, non-standard "families," medical fields, miscellaneous data, biographical notes, research notes, mailing label info, sticky notes, standard and custom roles, event/role templates, embedded text codes (bold, underline, italics, and indexes of people and places), short place names, and custom place labels.


By default, it will not import birth events that have no date or place associated with them. There is an import option with which you can control this behavior, however.


It will optionally retain the citation formats that you have constructed with components in UFT. While it will import all of the elements of the sources, an import option determines whether it honors the sequence and syntax of components from UFT when building a citation for a report.


While The Master Genealogist and Family Tree SuperTools do support Individual Flags, it does NOT support event flags and source flags so that data (if any) from UFT is not imported. A few less common or administrative data types are also not imported. A report at the end of the import indicates any problems or questionable issues that were encountered during the import. For a more detailed list of these data types in UFT, as well as a description of if and where they are imported, please see the document referenced below.


Although data from this family of products may be imported via GEDCOM, the GenBridge™ direct import module will generally produce much better results. For an extensive report comparing these two transfer processes, please see "Transferring data from ultimate Family Tree (UFT) via GEDCOM and GenBridge."


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