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How do I clean up the Master Place List?

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Applies to: TMG


Answer: After importing data from another genealogy program you may expect to do some cleanup work on the Master Place List.


The first step in cleaning up the Master Place List is accomplished by going to Tools > Master Place List and moving all of the entities into the correct columns, Details, City, County/Parish, State, Country etc. This is easily accomplished by using + LeftArrow or + RighArrow. If you place the cursor on the leftmost column to shift to the right, all of the contiguous columns will shift with one command. The same is true for shifting columns to the left.


You may find it convenient to sort the Master Place List various ways in order to spot the inconsistencies. This is accomplished by clicking on [sort] button. If you make the primary sort on the Detail column, for example, all of the like places in this column will sort together making the process of spotting and fixing problems easier.


During this process you may note some inconsistencies in the way you have been entering a particular entity. You may wish to make global changes, for example you might want to change all of the occurrences of United States to USA and/or you may have some states spelled out and others abbreviated and wish to change all of them to be the same. These problems may be corrected by clicking on the [Replace] button. As with any Global modification process you must be aware that changes may occur in unexpected places. This is minimized in this process by only changing the string(s) that match in all of column(s) you select and wildcards are not allowed.


If you wish to make individual modifications, these may be corrected by clicking on the [Edit] button or pressing .


As you make corrections you may wish to combine like places. After you make any changes to the Master Place List, click on the [Close] buttont; then click on File > Maintenance > Optimize to cause the program to combine the duplicate places. See How do I combine Duplicate places in the Master Place List.

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