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How can I control the way that tags are sorted?

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How can I control the way that tags are sorted?

Applies to: TMG


Answer: Names and events in the Person View are sorted by the Sort Dates associated with those tags. When the Sort Date is not specified, the name or event sorts to the top or bottom based on the "Undated tags sorted" option in Preferences.


Relationship tags--tags that link parents to children--are sorted by the child's primary birth date on the parent's Person View. Non-primary relationship tags are treated as undated tags on the child's Person View. If Relationship tags are not listed in the sequence that you expect, make sure that (1) the birth events are marked primary and (2) the sort dates are correct.


If partial dates do not sort the way that you want, then specify a complete date in the Sort Date field (the Date and Sort Date do not have to be the same). For instance, record the date as "March 1861" and the Sort Date as "31 March 1861."


Remember that the Sort Date controls the sequence of events but does not print in reports.

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