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Can I use text files that I have created outside of TMG?

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Can I use text files that I have created outside of TMG?

Applies to: TMG


Answer: Often a user will have a file created in another program that they wish to include in the data about a person. If this file is more than a few sentences, they may not wish to cut and paste (or re-type) the data into TMG. For this reason, TMG allows the user to refer to external files in the Memo field of tags. This feature may only reference text files that do not contain anything but plain text. That is, most word processors will include certain formatting commands that TMG does not recognize. However, if the file has been saved in the word processor using the text-only command, there will be no problem.


To reference an external file in a tag's memo field, enter an exclamation mark (!) as the first character of the field. Then immediately follow it with the full path and file name of the file (e.g., "!c:\mytextfiles\johnsmith.txt" with no quotes).


When you click on the [Memo] button when there is such an external file reference, the text file will be opened for review/editing.


Note that you can also link a text file as an Exhibit that is attached to an person, event, source, or repository.

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