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Barbara Grempler

Will TMG4 run on my new Windows XP computer?

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Will TMG4 run on my new Windows XP computer?

Applies to: TMG4


Answer: TMG 4 works quite well with Windows XP keeping in mind the following:


Upon executing The Master Genealogist, users of Windows XP may receive a notice that the program in incompatible with the operating system. That warning is wrong! The Master Genealogist is compatible with Windows XP. You can safely ignore the message and check the box indicating that do not wish to receive the notice again in the future.


If you upgraded your TMG via internet download, the TMG 4.0d the files are still available from Tech Support. Save the file to your desktop or download folder and run the upgrade program. DO NOT save the upgrade file in the /tmgw/ folder.


A required file, ctl3d.dll, is no longer included with the Windows XP Operating System. You will find the file on the TMG 4.0c installation CD, on an older computer or download here. If you download the ctl3d.exe file, run the file to extract ctl3d.dll and place the file in the /tmgw/ folder.

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