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Kranzbuhler, Astrid

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Links to my genealogy pages:


English (Australian) version:



also available in German:



I created the custom theme(s) by copying a generic Second Site theme and editing the copied files with my image editor, ACDSee, now using the theme(s) in Second Site with no post processing required.


List of main surnames (all Germany and surrounding):


My husband's line:

Kranzbuhler and all variations, Moeller, Kahmeier


My line:

Fahlbusch, Siegmann, Schuetze, Pleschke, Schoengarth


Have fun browsing :)

Edited by Astrid

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Hi Astrid,


Lovely site. I like your use of multiple family photos along the page edge (I can see that they do repeat, but not too often), also the "living or possibly living" variant, the double-language citations, and of course (as another narrative devotee) I enjoyed finding out about the people. While I understand why people often make Birth-Marriage-Death-Burial sites, I find narrative sites much more fun to browse as a non-relative!



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