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The Master Genealogist v6.00 released

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=== TMG v6 has been released! ====================


The newest version of The Master Genealogist includes a long list of exciting new features that were requested by our users. TMG v6 now includes even more tools to help you to find your ancestors, record their data, search and navigate the program, and produce professional reports. Following is a list of the major new features in TMG v6.


For screen shots of some of these new features, please visit:






Toolbars now optionally support large buttons with descriptive text. Right-click on any toolbar to change the button size. The Standard Layouts have been redesigned with these new toolbar buttons in mind.





- New support for GIF images and other formats.

- Box charts (Visual Chartform) now support all image formats supported by TMG.

- Link exhibits directly to places!

- Link exhibits directly to citations!

- Exhibits now have a separate Caption field.





The handy new Query By Example tab is a shortcut for creating simple filters on the Picklist, Project Explorer, or List of People report. Don't bother with building filter conditions. Simply fill in the blanks and click on to filter the list.


But that's just the beginning! You can use the Query By Example screen to learn how to use TMG's more powerful filtering features.


After entering some search criteria, click on the Filter tab to see how you can represent the same conditions using a filter. Then you can further customize the filter, add other conditions, etc.


It is not just an alternative to filters. It is a great way to learn how to use some of TMG's most powerful features, including filter operators, AND/OR connectors, parentheses, etc.





DNA testing is getting more popular and it is destined to be one of the family historian's most valuable tools.


The new DNA Log lets you record the results of DNA tests for the people in your project. You can keep track of multiple tests for each person, including the laboratory results, your own comments, and links to web sites that explain the tests.


TMG v6 supports a variety of current DNA fingerprint tests from popular laboratories and can be expanded to support other tests and laboratories using a powerful template system.





The Focus Group window has been redesigned to meet the suggestions of users. Among other new features, you can now:

- Control the number of generations to add for ancestors and descendants.

- Add ancestors, descendants, spouses, and name variations all at once.

- Click to Select All.

- Use the Delete key to remove members.

- See the number of names and the number of selected names in the group.

- Sort members by surname, given name, or ID number.

- Export members to an existing group.





- A new Witness Memo field. Now you can have a separate memo for each witness. The contents can be referenced by the new witness sentence variables [WM], [WM1]...[WM9].


- A new Citation Memo field is designed to hold comments, rationale, etc., that is separate from Citation Detail and is not necessarily intended to be output. However, it can be referenced by the new source template variables [CM], [CM1]...[CM9].


- Source output can now include the contents of the repository memo. The source template can refer to [REPOSITORY MEMO], [REPOSITORY MEMO1]...[REPOSITORY MEMO9]. Shorter versions of the same variables, [RM], [RM1]...[RM9], are also supported.


- All memo fields now show formatted text (bold, italics, underline, etc.), rather than codes for those functions. Real clickable web links and email links are now supported in memos.





- The Tag Box supports new optional columns for witnesses, exhibits, and tasks.


- New buttons on the Tree View allow moving upward one generation at a time.


- The Person View now shows the primary parent relationship type (e.g., "Father-Ado") if it is not Bio.


- The right click menu allows you to show/hide child tags.





- The left-to-right version of the Descendant Box Chart has a new "Waterfall" option.


- The Ancestor Box Chart has a new option for "Overlapping generations."


- 25 new fancy frames are now included.


- Box charts now include an option to output the chart (tab type labels, months, etc.) in another language.


- Control the width of curved text generations on fan charts.


- Control the size of the first generation circle on a fan chart.





- Print a blank Family Group Sheet.


- Print spouse events on the Journal report for children who are not carried forward.


- Control the number of copies of a report to print.


- Specify the number of the first page.


- Control the print page range.


- Specify whether to include leading zeros on dates (e.g., 09 Sep 1942).





- Specify your preferred output file types. Unselected file formats will not appear on the Report Definition Screen, in order to keep the list to a manageable size.


- Specify a default name or place style for each tag type.


- Optionally suppress the prompt to change the Last Edited date after writing to flags with secondary output.


- Click to for the Auto-Relationship tag.


- Add spacers between buttons on the Custom Toolbar.





GenSmarts™ analyzes your research data and provides advice about how to fill the holes in your research. It makes detailed suggestions about what records to search, where, and why.


GenSmarts users can now access this popular research advisor directly from within TMG. (Requires a separate purchase of GenSmarts.)


Now you can simply access TMG's Tools menu and choose "Research suggestions from GenSmarts." TMG will leverage the power of GenSmarts to produce a list of research suggestions for the focus person. The complete explanation for each GenSmarts suggestion is also included.


If the data is available online, then you can just click to access it.


You can even select one or more GenSmarts suggestions and convert them into TMG research tasks with one click. When you are ready for a research trip, you can generate a List of Tasks report.


And you can do it all without ever leaving TMG!





- New smart place searching allows matching on partial place names.

For instance, a search for

Birth Place Contains Elizabethton, Tennessee

will find a birth in:

Elizabethton, Carter County, Tennessee


- Soundex calculator. It produces a "standard" Soundex code plus a variety of other suggestions based on common Soundex errors. Daitch-Mokotoff coding is also supported.


- Edit State/Province Abbreviations.


- Edit a role name.


- Control the sequence of roles. That sequence is honored on the Tag Entry Screen.


- Control the sequence of witnesses. The sequence is honored in reports.


- Control the sequence of citations. The sequence is honored in reports.


- Control the sequence of bookmarks on the Bookmark Manager.


- The Relationship Calculator now produces sorted results.


- Reports generated in other languages now honor the translated tag labels, past tense and tag abbreviation fields as defined on the Tag Type Definition screen, rather than doing automated translations that are out of the user's control.


- Import tag type translations (for the label, past tense, abbreviation, and default sentences) from another project.


- Various improvements have been made to GEDCOM export and direct import from Generations™, Family Origins™, Legacy™, and Family Tree Maker™.





The v6 upgrade includes fixes to bugs that were reported by users, including:


- Backup now backs up timelines based on the default program timeline path, rather than based on the Preferences timeline path.


- Fixed a possible UK Style box chart overwrapping line problem.


- Fixed a problem of canceling the untabbed Tag Entry screen.


- Fixed an issue where the style could be lost when saving the Place Edit screen.


- The fields on the Global Search and Replace form and the MPL now use labels from the default place style, as defined on the Data Set Manager.


- The Gendex site has been removed from Web search feature.


- Corrected an issue of some audio and video exhibits not playing in the Exhibit Log and Slideshows.


- Fixed an issue where the Automatic Relation Tag would not always select the most direct relationship.


- Fixed some other issues related to translated report output.


- Fixed a variety of more obscure bugs that were reported by users.





The upgrade can be obtained by download but those who order the CD-ROM will also receive a free electronic copy of "The Universal British Directory of Great Britain 1791" from Archive CD Books on the same disk (a $65 value!).


Digitized from five huge volumes, this is the earliest directory for Great Britain and is among the most important resources for those researching ancestors in the United Kingdom.


It includes excellent descriptions of towns and villages of the time and those residents with trades (even farmers, hay-binders, labourers, bakers, shop keepers, etc.) and their addresses.


Although titled "Great Britain," this directory covers places in England and Wales. Volume 1 is devoted to London, volumes 2 to 4 cover the places in England and Wales in alphabetical order, and vol 5 contains a number of the subsequent amendments that were published in the next few years.

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