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Forum software upgrade and previous messages

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A little more than a day ago, someone found a security hole in our forum software and exploited it in an effort to disrupt this user community. The person managed to gain administrative access to the forum and delete messages from a variety of forum areas. Most of the forum messages have been preserved or restored from recent backups. In particular, the member database, announcements, newsletters, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), user group information, list of companion products, sample reports, Tips and Hints, TMG users web sites, cruise information, and messages in many other important areas have been preserved or recovered.


Working with the developer of the forum software, we have also identified and repaired the security hole. You may notice some changes and some areas in the forum that still need to be tweaked as a result of the software upgrade.


Unfortunately, the deleted messages in the public “Support Forums” have not been recovered. By design, those topics have a short lifespan and the messages are automatically deleted from the forum anyway after a period of time. For that reason, they were not backed up on as regular a basis.


We emphasize that the main web site and the web store were never at risk. The unauthorized access was limited to these discussion forums. As a precaution against misuse of your forum account, you may want to click on “My Controls” near the top right and then use the “Change password” option on the left side of the screen.


We apologize for the loss of the support messages but we trust that, like us, you won’t let the efforts of a single malicious user disrupt the valuable user community that we have all built here. If you were involved in an ongoing discussion, we invite you to post another message and we will carry on as usual, working with each other to make the most out of our genealogical software tools.


Thank you,


Bob Velke


Wholly Genes Software

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