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Keeping software on two computers

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I'm very new to use these type of programs. I have a 10 pages long list of my ancestors that i want to implement in an electronic system. I think this system meets most of my known expectations.


I need to have the software awailable on my home PC and on the laptop when travelling. Convenient when I have to interview my older living relatives.


Is it possible with one licence or do I need two? Both my PCs run on XP pro.

If one, is there a syncronicing feature? If two?how do I handle transfer?


Best regards Helge Nordhaug

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The TMG license allows you to use the software on two computers. I forget the exact wording but I know that is true.


You can keep TMG data "in sync" across the two machines using the backup and restore facility: you do a backup on machine "A", transfer the backup file to machine "B" and then restore it.


You can also manually transfer the files, but you have to know what you are doing and you have to be careful to get all the right files. Use the backup/restore method unless that presents some specific problem. If that is the case, let me know what that is...

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