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Help with Chart disrtibution

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I am working with Chartform ver 5.1 and I am in need of help with my descendant Chart. I can't seem to make a chart where the boxes are centered, having the person who is at the head of the chart in the middle and branches go out left and right, instead of from left to right. Is there anything I can do to make this kind of chart?

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You don't give me enough information so I will guess what is happening.


The general layout rule in a top-to-bottom VCF descendant chart (in US style marriage layout) is that the spouse id centred over the width of their descendants and the partner of the spouse is placed to the left of the spouse. This will give a chart like the one you require.


However, 3 factors can cause you to get a displaced or spread out chart.

(1) Multiple marriages or use of the UK style marriage layout.

(2) Some "unknown" parents of children

(3) Many generations where there is only one known child, leading to a staircase from top left to bottom right.


If what you have is one of these them there is little you can do but manually edit the chart after it is generated.


If what you have is something else, please explain.

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