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Ancestor Chart

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Am trying to add the spouse's name to the sibling's box on an Ancestor Chart.


On the Other tab, I have "Include Siblings" checked.


On the Data Types tab, for "siblings of ancestors," I would like to add a line telling the spouse's name. For this particular project, I don't care whether the marriage date/place shows or not.


I'm not quite clear on what all the Marr and Marriage tag types and groups are, but haven't stumbled on any that print the spouse's name.


Any hints would be appreciated.


Thanks! ~Carol in Detroit

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In a Visual Chartform chart from TMG, any box can only have one name in it (the box's subject). What you are asking for is to place a second name in that box. There is no such option. Neither is there any option that will output a separate box for the marriage partners of those siblings. You can indicate whetther they are/were married or not by outputing the Marr info (date, place) for the last viewed partner but not the name of the partner, nor is there anyway to show multiple marriage partners of these siblings. The problem is just more complex than I think that you first thought. :huh:

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