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Saving chart for printing

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Can I save a chart and take to a local place to print on a large format printer?

Sure. You can save it to a JPG, for instance, and take it to a Kinkos or similar print shop. Kinkos has a kit that you can download to prepare what you send to them.


Or you can choose "Chart Printing Service..." and send it to us for printing :) . For black & white, you may get a better price locally but if you want color, I think you'll find our prices lower, even with shipping.

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I see from your local time that you are on the East Coast of the USA.


However, if you were not in North America, then there are other chart printing services in the UK and Australia (for instance) that specialize in TMG/Visual Chartform output.


One point of warning about any printing of coloured output by an external printing bureau. Be aware that the colours may be different from what you see on your computer screen.


It is especially important to ensure that any colour used as a box fill is _pale_ enough for the TEXT to have sufficient contrast so that it can be easily read by the chart's audience. Most of the default colours provided in the TMG Chart Options are too instense to give a good contrast. For an effective result you need to create your own "Custom" colours.

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