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Brad Miller

Check for Duplicates problem

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I am having trouble getting the results I desire in the Check for Duplicate People tool. I am using TMG 5.15. I have created three duplicate persons unrelated to the others in the database which I am using for testing. These three have Given names and Surnames which are exact duplicates to three others in the database. Here is the criteria I am using:


Summary = default settings

Surnames = have same soundex, don't match if unknown

Given names = have same soundex, don't match if unknown, Evaluate first name only

Birth, Death & Parents are not evaluated

Filters = All people


Using these settings 1113 pairs of duplicates are returned, but the three test cases are not. They are not excluded pairs.


When I change the Given Name criteria to "have same first letter", then I receive 4793 pairs of duplicates and three test cases are found. One of them is:


Jon Bradley Miller (1)

Birth: Jun 29, 1970, Lewistown Hospital, Lewistown, PA


Father: Daryl Ethan Miller (4)

Mother: Carol Lucille Winger (5)


Jon B. Miller (2016)



Father: Daryl Miller (2017)

Mother: Carol Winger (2018)


2016, 2017 & 2018 are my test persons. They are duplicate to persons 1, 4 & 5 and should all be identified as duplicates even if I choose identical spelling. Incidentally if I set both Surnames & Given names to identical spelling I receive 537 pairs, but these three are still not identified. Any advice is appreciated.




Brad Miller

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