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How do I filter specific non-standard dates

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Check this screen capture first so you can see what I'm talking about.




I need to make the PE filter on Death Group date contains WP but there is no choice of doing so. I can choose Irregular but that gives me more than I want. I only want the ones that have WP in that irregular date. Or BP in the birth dates. Or +/- in the birth dates. I have thousands of corrections to make and want to do them systematically. For the WP, I need to make Probate tags with the pertinant dates and delete the death date. For the BP dates, I need to change the birthdate to a baptismal date and eliminate the BP. For the +/- I need to get rid of the +/- and make them circa dates.


Another problem is that there are dates that in old program had something like "ca 159x" and it imported as "circa 0159". I need to fix all those to "circa 1595", though filtering using "has modifier" might work for that.


John, if you see a way that the Utility will work for any of this, let me know. There's over 8000 people that use a modifier.

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