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I am now approaching 2000 source documents for my main dataset. I have organized the source documents by source number and have scannned approximately 98% of the documents. These are all in txt, pdf, tif, or doc files. I also have paper copies filed by source number and that is the way I have to access the documents to review them. (The scanned files have a consistent naming pattern for the last 1500 or so but before that I was making it up as I went. The paper documents are not necessarily named but do have the source number written on them.)


I would like to have the ability to enter a live, local url in the source when entering it. It would be a file: type url and not an http: or ftp:. This would allow me to open a source and click on a link to see the original document directly on the screen in native format, i.e. word, acrobat, etc.


I read about the TMG Utility ability to output xml files for the sources and this might be a start. It could probably feed to a helper app web page but it is after the fact.


Can Foxpro handle a data type like a url? All the entry fields I have seen seem to be text.


John Middleton

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