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Formatting a Table in Memo Section of Note tag

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How do I get a table to be properly spaced in the memo field of a note tag when I print a journal report to a word processor (I print to Word)?


I want to list an ancestor's inventory (i.e. item and value in pounds, shillings and pence) in tabular columns in the memo field. To try to get tabs into the printout, I have tried the embedded [:TAB:] controls but instead of embedding the tab character they instead switch to the number of spaces defined on the Report Options -> Page Options page. I can't seem to get it to put the tab character in instead.


What I would really like to do is not only get tabs into the printout but also be able to define the tab stops for that particular memo in Word since if I just get the tabs in they will default to the tab stops that are in the Word docuemnt at that location. These will not be the correct ones for my inventory list so I will have to go back and format the tabs in the Word docuemnt after generating it from TMG.


Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.



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