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Error-Msg in Exhibitions

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Hello Reader,

I've got a Problem in the Exhibitions of TMG6 and need help.

Some days ago I saved some Images of Ancestors as internal Images. (Most of them: JPG, color 24 BPP, Size 165x236 dpi, about 4 Kb each)

Today tried to work again at the pitures.

But first there where no Thumbnail of any Picture in the Exhibition-Screen. (The small blue background with the name of the pic was there but without Thumbnail)

Then I tried to open one of the Pics and got a Error-Msg " OLE error code 0x. 228 FRMEXHIBIT.MVIEWEXHIBIT ".


When I try to look and (maybe) change the Properties pf the Picture I got the Error-Msg " Unknown member CNTIMAGE. 30 FRMEXHIBIT.CONIMGLIST.RAITEM.RCLOADIMAGE_ASSIGN "


Please, can anyone give me any idea about these Messages?

Is there anything, that I'm doing wrong?


Thank you for your patience!


thankful greetings from Hannover, Germany

Mark A. Waldmann

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