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I've added more custom colors and updated the format of my Color Chip collection (see screenshot) and attached the file for download. It is 2 pages in Visual Chartform Format so you can unzip the file and open it in VCF. To add your own chips, just copy an existing chip and edit the numbers to reflect the new color.


An even quicker way to save color profiles is with a screen capture utility to grab a fixed area and save it as a file incrementally. The color chips in CLUT-1.vcf (screenshot and zip download below) were saved that way. After inserting the image into VCF, a number label was affixed (using the pre-made labels on the chart). (Tip: if using this method, the label should be Grouped with the image so they will move together. To do this, first select the label and rightclick 'Order' and 'Bring forward'. Next deselect the label, select the image, rightclick 'Order' and 'Send Backward'. Then select both label and image, rightclick 'Grouping' and 'Group'. This assures that the label doesn't end up behind the image.


If you haven't used custom colors: the three numbers 000-000-000 on each color chip are the Red-Green-Blue components of the color. In VCF you can define a custom color in the Accent option of the report definition or manually color boxes or lines in the chart. To color the box fill manually in the chart:


Rightclick the chart box or boxes you want to color, click Properties and then Fill. Click the drop down list for Foreground Color and choose Other. This takes you to the Color Lookup Table (CLUT or Color LUT).


The RGB triplets are on the lower right of the window. Enter new numbers in the Red box and tab to the Green and Blue boxes to enter those numbers. Choose Add to Custom Colors. In order not to overwrite an existing custom color, click in a blank custom color box first before entering a new RGB value.


For help in making charts, see the Help files within VCF. There is also a lengthy chapter with lots of tips and hints by expert Robin Lamacraft in GTMOOTMG.








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