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DeAnna Burghart

Death tag sentences

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After reading "So and so died date location age" a few thousand times, I got pretty bored with it. I also wanted to add some reference to significant deaths in some narratives, i.e. references to being widowed, orphaned, losing a young child or sibling. So I added a few scads of roles and created some custom sentences to add variety. Note: This is very much a work in progress. In addition to using local sentence modifications, I continue to add new variations as they appeal to me.


Roles (Principal): Deceased-age, Deceased-exactage

Roles (Witnesses): Widowed, SurvivorAge, WasWith, WasNotWith, Widowed 2, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, SurvivingChild.


Deceased-age sentence: [RG:Deceased-age] died <[L]><[D]>< at [A]><[M1]>


Deceased-exactage sentence: [RG:Deceased-exactage] died <[M1]><[L]><[D]>< at [AE] of age><. [M2]>.


Widowed sentence: [RF:Widowed] was widowed by <[RF:Deceased-age]'s><[RF:Deceased-exactage]'s> death <[D]><[L]><[M1]><[WM]>


Widowed 2 sentence: [RF:Widowed 2] was widowed when <[RF:Deceased-age]><[RF:Deceased-exactage]> died <[M1]><[D]><[L]><[WM]>


SurvivorAge sentence: [R:SurvivorAge] was [WM1] when [P1] <and [P2]> died <[WM2]> <[D]><. [WM3]><[M0]>


WasWith sentence: [R:WasWith] was with [RS:WasWith] [WM1] [P1] <[L]> when [P1] died <[D]><. [WM2]><[M0]>


WasNotWith sentence: [R:WasNotWith] was not with [RS:WasNotWith] [WM1] [P1] <[L]> when [P1] died <[D]><. [WM2]><[M0]>


EDIT: I should have pointed out that RS is the witness possessive form (his/her) and WM1 is in this case meant to store the relationship, so the sentence would read something like "John Smith was (or was not) with his mother Jane Smith when she died 23 Jan 1872 blah blah blah." Obviously, this format would require that the sentence be the first in a paragraph, or P1 would provide "she" both times. It could easily be altered to PF or whatever you prefer. END EDIT


Mother, father, etc. are all '--' excluded sentences by default, but having those roles allows me to mark turning points on a person's detail screen. So, for instance, I can add John Smith as a witness to his mother Jane Smith's death with the role SurvivingChild. Since John was 48 and living six states away at the time it might not show up obviously otherwise, and may not merit an immediate, concurrent reference in his narrative, but since it shows up on John's detail screen, I now have a visual reminder to consider the significance (if any) of that death in his story.

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Two other roles I have added are:


Informant - for the person noted on the death certificate as such.

Physician - I have many Drs noted on the death certificate who were also family members

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